As well as getting the Gresley Steel Sided Full Brake sent out. I have completed another two kits :7604 LMS Push Pull driving trailer. and the long awaited 7007 Gresley 51ft 1.5 in Semi Corridor Lav. Composite 1st/3rd

Another new kit to join the range this month:
7201 Gresley Steel Sided Full Brake diagram198. These were built 1936/7 and lasted into the rail blue period

This was withdrawn some time ago when I damaged the mould for the axleboxes. I found the mould recently and saw that a repair was possible. I did this and managed to re release it in time for the Kettering Show.

GWR Non corridor coaches now withdrawn as stock of mouldings has run out and the RTR versions from Dapol means that it is not worthwhile running off fresh stock. I now have a Corridor Full Brake and hope to replace these with Corridor types from the same period

My first new model for some time is the GWR Diagram K38 Full Brake.  I got a few early production examples to Kettering for release and full production should be available by the end of March.  The usual "Basic" Kit, no wheels couplings, buffers etc. costs £48.00