No Price Rises for 2022
But have introduced a modest postal charge for any size of order. This eliminates confusion on the supply of small orders of a few mouldings where the cost of posting outweighed the cost but was sometimes expected to be post free.  So £3.50 postage please whether it is an order for a few mouldings or any number of coach packs.
Dapol RTR do the same GWR coaches as my kits which are now very slow sellers. I intend  not to re run the moulds for these  and withdraw them when the existing stock of mouldings run out. No point in tying up machine time and increasingly expensive plastic material to produce mouldings which might never sell. I can re use some of the tooling in my projected GWR Full Brake.

I have now made the changes required to the end panel moulds to allow those for the First to be moulded again.  When I first produced these lazy me ran off what I thought would be plenty First panels then altered the moulds to allow me to introduce the Thirds. I have run off some extra Third bits and have now re done the mould for the Firsts.  This means that I can again supply the Un classified Saloon (which used the same parts) and the All First.  I will also be able to do the Cut and Carve pack which with a bit of extra work allowed the Composite First/Third to be built.

I have done what was required to get the LNER Quad and Quint sets back into production.  These are not as complete as some of my other kits. There are no underframe trusses or provision for lower footsteps. These bits were originally intended to be jig soldered but are now left to the customer hence the lower prices (compared with 4 or 5 "normal" kits. Now working on getting the missing SR kits back into production, Work continues on the GWR Full Brake.

NEWS  Jan. 2021
I have repaired the mould and run off a quantity of the missing moulding so the GWR Brake Third is now back in stock.  A newly completed mould for the centre panels of the 1st/3rd composite for the Artic Twins means that I can now release 7308 Brake Third/Composite 1st/3rd Twin at £85.00.   More Gresley non corridors:  7002  3 compartment Brake Third  and 7005 6 compartment Brake Third will rejoin the range as soon as I pack them up. 

Well I hope 2021 will be a better year than last for everyone. I have a couple of projects in hand which I hope will come to fruition this year. 
I have held the prices at last years level once again. I have no great hopes that the Exhibition calendar will get back on track but even if it does I can not see me driving hundreds of miles to attend any more so I think I might limit myself to the local ones.