Great Western Railway

7900   Outside Framed Siphon G          £44.00

7901   Inside Framed Siphon G 7ft bogies      £44.00

7902   Siphon H outside Framed End Doors      £44.00          

7905    Non Corridor Composite dia E131                       now withdrawn as existing stock of mouldings have run out

7906    Non Corridor Brake Third dia D98                       now  withdrawn as existing stock of mouldings have run out     see News item
7907    Corridor  Full Brake                                £48.00    NEW 

7908    Corridor Third  Dia. C54                        TBA
7909   Corridor Brake Third Dia. D94              TBA

Standard 7900/7902 packs include the 9ft wheelbase volute bogies they were built with. Some aquired the 7ft bogies later and I can supply these please specify 7900SB or 7902SB when ordering. 

Southern Railway Maunsell Restriction 1 Stock

7800     Unclassed Saloon - sometimes 2nd or 3rd class for boat trains     £47.00   

7801      All First - low window                          £47.00   

7802      All Third - low window                              £47.00

7803      Brake Third - 6 compartment - low window                £47.00   
7804      All Third   -   High window                     £47.00
7805      Brake Third   - High window                    £47.00

Having repaired the mould for the First and Saloon  I can now offer the " Cut and Carve"  Composite 1st/3rd again too  H or L window

 All Packs Require Wheels, Couplings, Buffers, Etc. to complete