Great Western Railway

7900   Outside Framed Siphon G   £44.00

7901   Inside Framed Siphon G 7ft bogies   £44.00

7902   Siphon H outside Framed End Doors    £42.00

7903    Monster Bogie van Inside Framed with end doors  7ft bogies   later          

7905    Non Corridor Composite dia E131   £44.00

7906    Non Corridor Brake Third dia D98   £44.00

Standard 7900/7902 packs include the 9ft wheelbase volute bogies they were built with. Some aquired the 7ft bogies later and I can supply these please specify 7900SB or 7902SB when ordering. 

Southern Railway Maunsell Restriction 1 Stock

7800     Unclassed Saloon - sometimes 2nd or 3rd class for boat trains      £47.00

7801      All First - low window       £47.00

7802      All Third - low window          £47.00

7803      Brake Third - 6 compartment - low window   temporarily out of stock    

 All Packs Require Wheels, Couplings, Buffers, Etc. to complete