NEWS  Jan. 2021
I have repaired the mould and run off a quantity of the missing moulding so the GWR Brake Third is now back in stock.  A newly completed mould for the centre panels of the 1st/3rd composite for the Artic Twins means that I can now release 7308 Brake Third/Composite 1st/3rd Twin at £85.00.   More Gresley non corridors:  7002  3 compartment Brake Third  and 7005 6 compartment Brake Third will rejoin the range as soon as I pack them up. 

Well I hope 2021 will be a better year than last for everyone. I have a couple of projects in hand which I hope will come to fruition this year. 
I have held the prices at last years level once again. I have no great hopes that the Exhibition calendar will get back on track but even if it does I can not see me driving hundreds of miles to attend any more so I think I might limit myself to the local ones.

I don't seem to have been able to edit my website for a while.  I think my minimal computer skills may have something to do with it.  This should be a reminder that I am still here though.

Some of the coach mouldings are now being produced in "Natural" High Impact Polystyrene, a milky white colour. This has exactly the same properties as before but without the colouring.  The compounders who produce the coloured pellets are now looking for orders for larger quantities and at my age I am not looking to buy plastic by the tonne.

Having reached "a certain age" I decided not to retire or sell the business but to "semi-retire" . Do less shows etc myself, allow some others to sell these at shows and concentrate on mail order. This means the kits will still be available to those who want them but I will be working for a lot fewer hours.  Changes in how they are produced will mean a slight increase in prices, probably in the new year. With some types I am working out of a finite stock of mouldings.  Up till now I have been happy to sell individual mouldings but as stocks run down I would rather keep these for complete kits. There are a lot of unbuilt but opened kits coming onto the second hand market. Should you consider buying these take care to make sure they really are complete as I might not be able to supply any missing parts